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Cable Gate security gate

Access Technologies is the manufacturer and international distributor of the award winning Cable Gate vehicle access control system.  The Cable Gate is a strong, highly vandalism resistant alternative to boom gates and other automatic gate systems.

Cable Gate is lightning fast to open (half a second to open), and can secure driveway openings up to 12-metres wide.

Specialists in Gate Automation

Automatic industrial boom gates
Access Technologies is a leading supplier and installer of automatic boom gates throughout Perth and Western Australia. Boom Gates are a traditional choice for traffic barrier and security gate applications, and offer a cost effective solution in high cycle-rate applications. 

In situations where vandalism resistance and gate strength are prime requirements, customers are advised to consider the Cable Gate product as an alternative to a boom gate.

Solar Powered Gate Systems

Solar Powered gates our specialty
All of our automatic gates including boom gates and Cable Gate can be solar powered for use in remote installations or where running mains power is otherwise problematic.

On remote sites Cable Gate is a particularly useful product since it is extremely vandalism resistant – having a breaking force on the cable in excess on 3000 Kg.

Most of the access control systems shown on these pages can be used with our solar powered gate systems.