Access Technologies manufactures, distributes, and installs a wide range of bollards, barriers, and traffic control equipment that will put YOU in control of who enters your premises.  We distribute Australia wide, and can install and service these products throughout Western Australia.

Bollards – Fixed, Removable, and Retractable Types

Fixed Bollard
Access Technologies is a leading manufacturer and supplier of the following types of parking bollards throughout Western Australia:

U-Hoops and Traffic Barriers


U-Hoops Protect Pedestrians from Vehicles
U-Hoops (traffic barriers) provide an economical solution for the protection of pedestrian areas from vehicular traffic.  They can also be used in securing ‘danger areas’ in factories, and for a variety of other uses in enhancing perimeter security.

U-hoops come in a variety of sizes from 300mm wide through to 3-metres wide, and can be installed at any required height.  They can also be fitted

Wheel Stops (Car Stops)


Rubber Wheel Stops
Access Technologies offers a comprehensive range of wheel stops (Parking Stops) to complement our range of vehicle security gate and parking bollard products.

Wheel stops assist in managing car parks in the following ways:

  • By preventing vehicle overhang onto designated walkways.
  • By preventing vehicle contact with buildings.
  • By preventing  drivers from parking outside of designated bays.

Speed Humps – Traffic Calming Equipment


Rubber Speed Humps
Access Technologies supplies speed humps manufactured from rubber, steel, and poly-ethylene to suit particular installation situations.

Our popular rubber speed humps are manufactured from a mixture of natural and recycled rubber.  These speed humps offer a budget solution where traffic flows are not excessive. This modular system can be supplied to any length (with end caps), and offers smooth and silent operation.