PictureRadio Remote Control Gate Operation

Access Technologies is a leading provider within Western Australia of automatic gate and door remote control products. We supply products such as wireless remote control transmitters, receivers, transceivers, automatic door controllers, gate controllers, radio data receivers, garage door remotes and accessories – all at affordable prices with complete customer satisfaction and product quality assurance.

We can also provide niche and custom wireless control solutions, such as:

  • Door and gate opening over long distances – often exceeding 500 metres.
  • GSM phone activation of gates and doors.
  • With many frequencies available to overcome potential interference issues.

Multi-brand Support


Neatrol Remote Control
Access Technologies is a leading distributor and product partner of Neatrol Products, but we also sell and service the following brands of radio remote control equipment:

  • Elsema
  • Neatrol
  • iPass
  • ATA

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